A collection of my favorite sites on the web. Send me an e-mail if you'd like me to add yours, too.

Junk Science Home Page (Run by Steve Milloy, founder of The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition)

Movie Sounds (A cool site with sound clips from hundreds of movies)

Computer Virus Myths (Check here before you forward that virus warning you received)

Urban Legends (The ultimate source for urban legends)

Jacksonville (Our city's home page--shamelessly commercial, but useful)

Jaguars (The official site for our NFL franchise)

Florida Georgia Blood Alliance (Where Marsha works)

PGA Tour (The official site of the PGA Tour, Nike, and Senior PGA--stats, live scoreboards, bios, etc.)

Archive of Misheard Lyrics (This one is a real hoot. Thanks Jane!)

Acronym Finder  (Fabulous! Try typing in your initials)

BOZO Criminal of the Day (This is where the "Darwin Awards" come from. Thanks Mark!)

The Onion and Satire Wire (Two great satire--duh--sites)

USGS Aerial Photos (An absolutely AWESOME site that will show you satellite photos of any address in the U.S.)

Micro Gallery (Superb photos of our microscopic world)

Phone Scams (Check out these hilarious phone scams by the Q95.5 Detroit's Mojo in the Morning Show)

Common Errors in English (A superb web site created by WSU English Professor Paul Brians)

Annals of Improbable Research (A web site created by the folks who sponsor the Ig Nobel Prize)

Periodic Table of the Comic Books (Created by University of Kentucky chemistry students)

The Florida Dude's Page (Home Page of my good friend A.J. Sartin and his wife--the Florida Dudette--Gloria)

Buzz Phrase Creator (Create your own buzz phrases!)

Power of Attorneys (A critical view of the legal profession in America)

Powers of 10 (An awesome demonstration of the size of the universe)

Pat Fitzgerald's Blog (Pat is an internist, musician, and great friend in Portland)


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