On this page I've created links to some opinions that I find interesting, stimulating, or even infuriating--your pick.

How to REALLY find Iraq's weapons  Jane offers some helpful advice to the United Nations.

What risks we took!  One of the few "Then and Now" comparisons I really like. Thanks to Lyn Callahan.

Do Not Forget  An ex-marine comments, eloquently, on the price of liberty.

If you don't like it, tax it!  A column from the San Francisco Chronicle that pretty well sums up my thoughts on sin taxes.

Common Sense's Obituary  It's true--Common Sense has passed on. Marty sent me the obituary.

Newspaper Profiles  Ever wonder what you could tell about someone based on the newspaper they read? Thanks to Robert for this guide.

My friend Mae  Thanks, Janet, for this whimsical poem about life's priorities.

To be a Democrat . . .  Marty unleashes on liberals!

To be a Republican . . .  Ever fair-minded, Marty gives equal time to the loyal opposition.

A satirical piece from The Onion  Humor with a disconcerting ring of believability. Thanks, Jane!

Tzu's The Art of War and four American presidents  This is an interesting commentary sent to me by Capt. Murphy.

Trial Lawyers Unleashed  A Washington Post op-ed that points out the dangers when attorneys general and personal injury lawyers team up against industry.

The Bill of No Rights  A manifesto for the Right, sometimes (mistakenly) attributed to Rep. Mitchell Kaye of Georgia.

Breast Cancer Mapping  A commentary by Steven Milloy (Junkscience.com publisher) on the misguided and counterproductive efforts to map breast cancer rates by zip code.

Friendship  A meditation on the meaning of friendship, from Ken & Dorothy Murphy.

The hollowness of Clinton's defense   Thanks to Capt. Murphy for these trenchant rebuttals.

A meditation on the greatness of God   The thoughts of my grandfather, Dr. Lloyd M. Bertholf, on the divine and cosmological origins of the universe

The Justice Department's tobacco lawsuit  One-time Supreme Court Justice nominee Robert Bork points out the cynicism and hypocricy in the Justice Department's recent lawsuit against tobacco companies.

A memo from God to the Kansas Board of Education  Thanks to Jane Pritchard for this gem.

Y2K blunder  My Op-Ed in the Florida Times-Union on the Y2K computer problem.

The worst science of the century  From STATS, The Hall of Shame for scientific blunders in the 20th Century.

Decade's most dubious data  Also from STATS, a list of dubious science in the 90s.

Sixteen of Life's Lessons Attributed to Dave Barry

A Penny Story

A Scientist's Conversation with God

Ode to Dr. Bertholf (by a patient of my dad's, but he says it applies to me, as well)


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